To All Club Members,

The Club Committee, along with the help of our invaluable volunteers does a fantastic job ensuring our Club runs smoothly.  The Club is growing and our small army of volunteers; our coaches, managers, weekend refs, BBQ helpers and many others, work in the background to make sure we get our players on to the pitch week in week out!

The 2021 season is just round the corner so we are shouting out for helpers to come forward for the season.  If you can help out in anyway let us know, here are some roles that we would love filled:

Age Corordinators
To help the Juniors prepare in 2021 we are looking for at least 4 members to put their hands up as Aged Co-Ordinators..
Each aged coordinator will take on the following age groups

  • U6-U7 
  • U8-U9 
  • U10-U11 
  • U12-U16 
These 4 aged coordinators help the the Junior Vice President manager and our wonderful Registar, Sue Delbridge manage all the squads at the beginning of the year. Last year there were over 300 juniors over 23 squads to manage, simply too difficult to manage alone.

Junior Coaches and Managers
We need coaches and managers across our junior teams.  You do not need to be a qualified coach, in fact this is an opportunity to gain skills in coaching even if you have no experience.  The MWFA offers pre-season coaching courses for all volunteer coaches and our Club Technical Director Ryan Doidge provides hands-on coaching support for all our  volunteer coaches.  He can help with session training plans, attend your training offering support and advice.   If you are interested in helping out with coaching or managing a team please get in touch here

Lines Marking Crew of 3 members:
The marking of lines at Dee Why Park throughout the season to free up the current committee having to do this task. Each member of this small group of 3 people simply rotate the task on 3 alternative weeks. That means about an hour every 3 weeks of your time. Over a 19 week season that works out at about 4 hours.

Nets Crew of 3 members:
The Nets need to be erected for seniors and junior games every week at Dee Why Park throughout the season just like the line marking. Each member of this small group can either work together every week or in alternate pairs. This would equate to about 1 hour every few weeks throughout the season.

Events Sub-Committee members:
Our Events team comes up with our events for the forthcoming season, presentations, awards nights and a host of different fundraising events.  If you have an interest in events and would like to work with the team please get in touch.  Our fundraising events are a huge revenue stream for the Club. After a difficult 2020 for all community sport we are looking forward to getting more fundraising events on the calendar this season.

Sponsorship Assistant:
This person will work with the Sponsorship Manager in seeking new sponsorship opportunities and following up leads from our members. All Club members should be advocates of sponsorship and our Sponsorship team works hard with our local community to bring new streams of revenue to the Club.  If you are interested in getting involved with our Sponsorship team please get in touch.

Other Roles
There is always a need for assistance at a community club, it does not matter if you have experience.  It's just about stepping forward and getting involved. If you would like to help out please contact Piroska Pallos, our wonderful Club Sectretary

Many Hands Make Light Work  Ridgecrest PTA