Dee Why FC / 10 Year Growth Analysis:

DYFc is growing and is in need of more support from its members to volunteer on sub-committees and other roles in 2020.
This year has seen 108 Players / Coaches and Managers joining the club, but the existing committee members and volunteers can not manage this growth without more people getting involved.
In 2020 we are looking for more volunteers in areas that allow other committee members to focus on their specific tasks.
The below roles are just some of the roles we need filled before the start of the 2020 season.
  • U6/U7 Aged Co-ordinator
  • U8/U9 Aged Co-ordinator
  • U10/U11 Aged Co-ordinator
  • U12/U16 Aged Co-ordinator
  • Secretary.
  • Sponsorship Manager
  • Website Manager
  • Event Dates Co-ordinator.
  • Social Media and Marketing Manager
  • Senior Registrar Manager
  • Junior Registrar Manager
For anyone interested in helping our club grow and prosper please email Piroska Pallos at secretary@dyfc.com.au.

Thanks You
Stu Nairn