Roles of a Manager: Click Here

1.     At the Start of The Season:
  • Register yourself as a member and manager on the DYFC website.
  • Select your age group that you are managing. You can contact the Registrar for more information by email to registrationj@dyfc.com.au.
  • Make sure you are registered as a manager for your team on the FFA Playfootball Website: CLICK HERE.
  • Prepare contact lists and make sure all parents/players are also registered on the FFA Playfootball website: CLICK HERE.
  • Prepare the roster for your team by age and name/Swans Cygnets etc.
  • If your team does not have a coach, you need to liaise with the Junior Vice President (JVP)
  • Ensure all team members/parents of players have the contact list and the fixtures and encourage them to all register on the DYFC website.
  • Liaise with your JVP and the coach to discuss timing and location of training.
  • Identify a parent in your team who can referee for your home games. Highly recommend that all referees do free online “Laws of The Game” Course and study the rules for the age being refereed mandated by MWFA LAWS OF THE GAME: CLICK HERE.
  • Collect training kit (training balls, bibs, cones) and match day kit (match ball, referee’s whistles, first aid kit, goalie gloves (if relevant)) – your TA will let you know when they are ready.
  • Get all parents who are involved with kids to sign the complete the Working With Children requirements. For more information see the Child Protection Officer.
2.     During the Season:
  • Keep the team informed about any information you receive from the Committee, JVP and/or age coordinators.
  • Advise team of details of upcoming matches and check availability of players for each game using the DYFC online team management backend.
  • Arrange a roster of which family is to bring the oranges to each match (please don’t bring sweets without first checking with other parents).
  • If you need to borrow players, please ask before the last training run who is available for game day.
  • Organise team social events and ensure participation in club events e.g. gala days
  • Make sure all parents/players are aware of club events and encourage them to participate.
3.     Communicating With Team Members / Parents
  • Please ensure all parents are registered on the DYFC website and they provide up-to-date email and mobile phone details to allow efficient communication amongst the team.
4.     Managing Roles During the Week:
  • Email all parents with reminder of time of game and location. Parents should respond by Wednesday if their child is unable to play.
  • If you are short of players, talk to the teams below you to try and borrow players.
  • If you have too many players notify the Registrar.
5.     End of Season:
  • If you are giving trophies to your team (which is optional), order them a couple of weeks before the last game. Note that the Club provides medallions to all players.
  • Thank you, gift, for the coach.
  • Arrange to drop back the training/match day kit.