Coaches Duties & Responsibilities

DYFC is a proud and successful community based Football Club, administered by volunteers. It fields teams ranging from Miniroos Under 6s to Over 35 Seniors on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. From under 6s to Under 11s Teams play certain Rules (Click Here For RULES) Under 12 to Seniors age groups play the FIFA Rules Of The Game. Coaches are appointed by the Technical Advisor/Head Coach of DYFC. DYFC principle for player placement is that all players should play in their correct age group from commencement of each season. Refer to DYFC Parent/Player Hand Book. DYFC has a preferred position for the appointment of merit-based, rather than parent coaches from Under l2's upwards. It is expected that all coaches attend at service coaching clinics provided by the club. The Coach must also adhere to those rules and conditions set down by the governing body of the FFA and MWFA.

A.     Coaching Principles of DYFC:

1.     A Coach for DYFC is a representative of the Club and its community and is on public display.

  • Must have self-esteem. Leaders believe in themselves & show poise under pressure
  • Initiative: a good coach must have real energy, vibrancy and passion

2.     Must represent principles of honesty, commitment and discipline.

3.     Is a role model for our youth. That person must exhibit the right character traits and attitude to this game and to all sport.

4.     Must accept that winning at the expense of enjoyment is not acceptable.

5.     Must earn respect for themselves and the office they hold as coach.

  • A knowledge of the game and how it is played at the age level.

6.     Must create an environment of learning and development both of the person and their skills.

  • Conveying, rehearsing, mock pressure ... performing under match conditions
  • Tactical training, walk-throughs, understanding
  • Game-specific training & teaching players the relevant points
  • Encourages ambition and allows others to act
  • Patience: be slow to criticise and quick to praise
  • Assist with allowing players to develop at their own rate.
  • Follow as best as possible the Training Cycles prepared by the Technical Advisor or Head Coach of the DYFC Academy.

7.     Must recognise and accept the many & varied roles that they play.

8.    The coach must create a teaching and learning environment, which will contribute to the total development  of the player.

  • Create structures & vision.
  • Give players feedback, written, verbal and video.
  • Use different techniques - verbal, visual, written, body language.
  • Understanding the principles of proper teaching and activity.
  • Must be a clear communicator providing clear instruction & feedback to the team & to individual players.

9.     Must provide adequate and appropriate support & be approachable.

  • Be genuinely interested in players' welfare.
  • Good listening encourages players to speak with confidence.

10.  Must assist with the building of the Club culture and community.

11.  Liaise and work closely with the Club's designated Coaches Coordinator/Development Officer.

  • A defined game plan is essential
  • Analyse each game and opponents - including statistics

12.  Assist with the development of specific programs such as fitness and diet.

13.  Assist with the determination of appropriate playing positions.

14.  Build a network of support.

15.  Must be held accountable for their own conduct and the conduct of players and their support team.

16.  Must manage dealing with a wide range of players, officials and supporters. Needs to be proficient in behaviour management to deal with various individual personalities within the team.

17.  Must accept their role as team selector involved in the planning and selection of the best balance for the team representing the Club.

18.  Must be a student of the game continually seeking to upgrade his or her knowledge of the game.

DYFC has expectations of the Coach who will:
  • Be absolutely committed to further self-development with the objective of further developing those players they are responsible for.
  • Form an off-field support team which will include at least one formally assigned assistant coach.
  • Understand the role of the Team Manager who is also the representative of Club Management for your team.
  • The Coach will be expected to develop a professional working relationship with the Team Manager & match day officials.
  • Hold sufficient training sessions each week to maximise the development of players and their enjoyment of the game.
  • Conduct training and fitness development (For Senior Players) that is based on programs initiated & developed by the appointed coach but with the endorsement of the Technical Advisor.
  • Be available and prepare thoroughly for Match day.
  • Accept responsibility & accountability for the coaching equipment and inventory.
  • Attend & contribute to Coach's Meetings as well as other events, which may be called from time to time.
  • Complete an end of season report assessing player attributes and playing ability.
  • Have Access to a mobile phone & current Driver's License.
  • Enjoy themselves!

B.     What the Coach should expect of the DYFC:

  • Coaching equipment and inventory.
  • Facility & budgeted funding to provide improvement & development as approved by the Club.
  • The support & direction of the Coaches Coordinator/Development Officer.
  • The Club will provide liaison with the Association & other bodies involved in Football.
  • Support in providing a Team Manager & other assistance as required.
  • The Club will form teams & be responsible for recruitment.
  • The handling of all matters relating to discipline, conduct, dispute & conflict resolution using principles of fair treatment and natural justice.
Qualifications – Mandatory
  • Satisfactory clearance of Police checks.
Qualifications - Desirable
  • Previous coaching & preferably playing experience.
  • Complete MWFA Community Coaching Cources: Click Here For More Information:
  • Attend any coaching and training sessions specific to improving your coaching experience at DYFC.